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UPVC Casement window

uPVC casement windows are a popular choice for modern homes due to their versatile design and functional benefits. Made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), these windows are durable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient. The casement style features one or more sashes attached to the window frame by hinges, allowing them to swing open like a door. This design provides excellent ventilation and unobstructed views when fully opened. The insulating properties of uPVC casement windows help to keep indoor spaces comfortable by minimizing heat transfer and preventing draughts. They are available in various styles, colors, and finishes, allowing homeowners to match their aesthetic preferences and home d├ęcor.
Whether for new constructions or replacements, uPVC casement windows offer a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and practicality, making them a popular and reliable choice in the world of window design.Download the

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Available Variants

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pyrite gold



alux silver


golden oak

dark oak


Available Variants

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